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Daydreaming: Daydreams Do Come True

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Daydreams Do Come True

ISLAND OF SECRETS....  OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  To say I'm excited would be a HUGE understatement!
Results for 9/14/11

US Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #536 Paid in Kindle Store 
#1 in Books > Romance > Gothic
#5 in Books > Romance > Time Travel
#26 in Books > Romance > Historical

UK Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #1,520 Paid in Kindle Store
#2 in Books > Fiction > Romance > Gothic
#4 in Books > Fiction > Romance > Time Travel
#52 in Books > Fiction > Romance > Paranormal
I am still almost speechless! A HUGE Thank You to those of you who have purchased and are or have read my book. I am Blessed.   You have helped to make a Dream come true. 

Yesterday, was amazing, but along the way I came to some very interesting realizations.  Most probably won't come as a surprise.

Not everyone is happy for you, but if you surround yourself with positive and giving people and you return the favor, you can always be proud of your achievement.  My philosophy is that the more that I help others become successful, the more successful I will feel.  I love helping to promote other authors, sites, blogs and pretty much anything else that comes my way.  So, to all those amazing people who've helped me get to this spot by talking, tweeting, and sharing my book with others, I cannot tell you how much it means. 

You're never satisfied, but you can learn to enjoy the moment no matter how brief.  I told my husband yesterday that I may not ever reach it again, but I could now say that at least once I had!

Goals are ever changing. I can remember when I saw the listing for ISLAND OF SECRETS for the first time on Amazon and Barnes and Noble...my goal was to sell 1 book, then I wanted to sell 10, then 100 ...well you get the picture. 

Bad reviews are just a part of the business.  The more you sell, the more likely you are to get a few less than stellar opinions of your writing.  Nothing soothes the sting more than a devoted fan, a person you've never met, telling you they can't wait to read more and want to buy your book in print as soon as it is out so they can add it to their "keeper" pile. 

Life is good, I am so blessed and I am so happy that you are a part of my world! I encourage you to Daydream Big!

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