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Daydreaming: August 2011

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Daydreaming about My New Release...

I think for most authors the second book is a challenge. It doesn't matter how long you've worked on it, if you've been relatively successful with your first book, I think it just puts pressure on you when it comes time to release the second. 

For me, THE COUNTERFEIT has been in the works for literally years. It's gone through contest, critique partners, agents and the occassional editor. Originally, the working title was COUNTERFEIT KISSES, but last year someone else came out with a book with that title so the powers that be felt like a name change was in order.  I kind of like the change because it will probably have a larger appeal and doesn't sound too fru, fru.  Of course, it's taken longer than expected to get it to the market, mostly due to some personal challenges that held up some of the revisions. 

I'm really excited to share Jeremy and Magen's story.  I've lived with them for almost as long as I had Shane and Lila.  It's a different type of story than my first, there's no mention of ghosts and everyone stays in the same century, but I still really enjoyed telling their story.  On the cover it says that "Sometimes the Road to Justice is Filled with Compromise." I think that sums up the book and in some cases life itself.  These characters are thrown into situations that sometimes require them to do things that are right but appear wrong.

The story takes place in the late 1800's in the fictional town of Malden Grove, Illinois, so I had a lot of fun creating the small town backdrop that hopefully will come to life for you as the reader. 

Only a few more weeks and it will be out there regardless of my butterflies.  I hope that those who enjoyed ISLAND OF SECRETS also enjoy a good historical romantic suspense because I promise that once you think you've got everything figured out THE COUNTERFEIT is going to throw you a curve ball and send you in a completely unexpected direction.  For those of you who enjoy a little humor, I think you'll really enjoy this book.  It has some scenes that still make me laugh and I wrote them!   My husbands thinks I'm crazy when I'm reading/revising and just bust out laughing.  He doesn't quite get that I could actually write something I still find funny after reading it mulitple times.

Well, it's off to work for me, have a great day and remember to make some time to Daydream today,

Here's a Blurb:

Coming Soon!

Sometimes the Road to Justice is filled with Compromise...

Jeremy Loud is good at what he does.

As a Secret Service Operative he's quick on his feet and a master of his emotions.

Then, he wakes up naked, disoriented and in physical pain to find a woman busy at his stove. His first mistake is assuming she's a barmaid. His biggest mistake is underestimating her ability to get into trouble.

Soon he realizes his assignment to infiltrate and bring to justice the infamous Quincy Davenport and his band of counterfeiters might be easier than keeping one strong-willed and beautiful redhead out of trouble.

Magen MacGuire is determined to find the man responsible for her father's death and make him pay.

Then, her plans go awry and a case of mistaken identity leads her to the last thing she expects; a mysterious stranger she could easily fall in love with. She makes a choice to right a wrong, but in her case doing the right thing isn't viewed as proper and gets them both into even more trouble.

The odds are against them, but can they find the love of a lifetime before the secrets are exposed and if they do can they overcome the lies?

Visit http://www.tammieclarkegibbs.com

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Monday, August 29, 2011

I Never Knew I Could Write Unitl Someone Told Me...

I never knew I could write until someone told me.  It's true, I'd actually never even thougth about it.  I often wonder where I would be and what I would be doing had that one person kept his opininion to himself, never given me his opinion and encouraged me to pursue a career in writing. 

It's so important to tell someone "good job" or " I loved it" or "you are great at".  Children everyday grow up with no self-esteem and then we wonder why they have a hard time and lack the skills necessary to achieve success.

When was the last time you took time to tell someone they were doing something right?  The more time I spend on this sometimes impersonal internet that we all love so much, the more I realize how damaging our time here can be.  It's so easy to hide behind a made-up user name and bash everyone who dares enter your personal cyber-space. 

Where did constructive criticism go? How did snarky, rude and bitter take the place of manners? 

One thing that I would like all of you to know, whether you're one of my readers or not, I value you.  You're special. Each of you play a small role in my life now because our paths have crossed and that's just how I am. 

Whether you read to add a special pleasure to your life or you write because you can't not write, we share a love of books and I'm happy you are here.

Since this has been such a rambling post, I'll try to bring it all together now.  I'd like to challenge each of you to reach out to someone whether it be a new reader or a new author that you've just cyber-met. Find out something about them and then lift them up. Today, I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce you to an interesting literary project I was made aware of. The link is below.  Ten writers have produced a novel blending each of their talents into one very interesting work of fiction entitled FOSTERING GUILT.  When I read a little background on the project it reminded me of the teacher who took the time to encourage me. I hope you'll take a look and then come back and share with us who found to lift up today.  I promise that everyone will come out a winner and be blessed for it.


Let's encourage some real DAYDREAMING today and help someone else get one step closer to making their dreams a reality!

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Daydreaming with Purpose: A Story Can Come From Anywhere!

Wow! I am so excited that I have new followers and want to thank each of you.  I've already "chatted" with a few of you, but wanted to say thanks for all the really nice comments. I'm so excited about my new blog.

Today, I thought I'd do something a little different.  Blurbs are great, but  today I'd just like to tell you some interesting bits about what inspired me to write ISLAND OF SECRETS.

One day I was reading a time travel book and right smack dab in the middle of the action a strange question occured to me. I wondered how it was that in every book I read no mention was made of what was going on while the heroine or hero was time traveling. Did noone realize they were gone? Really? Thus general ideas began to percolate.

Later, I was reading a local family history book a distant relative had put together, the type where your name is listed as the great, great granddaughter of ... There in front of me was a strange story in which one of two men cut his hand off and threw it onto dry land to claim an island. I'm being very general here, but you get the picture. On the front of said family history is a strange coat of arms that included said bloody palm. Now, I can't elaborate too much on what this story has to do with my novel that would just be a spoiler.

Since I also love a good gothic romance, I thought it would be interesting to have a modern heroine time travel into a gothic enviroment. ISLAND OF SECRETS, explores how someone from our time would react to an old manor house, talk of ghosts and other spooky occurances.

A story can come from anywhere, a stranger you meet on the street, an item you see in a shop, something strange that happened on the way to work...an idea for a story can spring forth from anything, anybody, anywhere....and mine usually do.

But, an idea is nothing without the characters that live within your story.  The characters are the glue that holds an idea together or allows it to fall apart.  I lived with these characters for a very long time, over the years they have become very real to me and I hope very real to the readers with whom they share their story.
My book is categorized as a romance and it does have a love story, but it is so entwined with the plot I don't know how you would remove one from the other. It's very plot intensive so if you enjoy books that you can't figure within the first twenty pages, it may be a good fit for you.

I said I'm not going to cut and paste or share the "blurb". I just wanted to share a little bit of background on my novel. As with all books, none are created equal and there are readers for all types. If you find any of this interesting I would love for you to sample it. If you like it, wonderful, I've made a new reader friend, if not, well, I'd like to think I've still made a new friend and maybe you'll like my next book better. Speaking of which my upcoming release THE COUNTERFEIT will soon be out and to celebrate ISLAND OF SECRETS is on sale for .99 for a limited time.

Daydreaming isn't just for writers:
Allow yourself to dream, think of the time you set aside to daydream like a small garden plot filled with good, rich soil. It's ready for you to plant a small seed, water with the an investment of time, then watch your efforts grow into an acocmplishment.  Whatever it is that you desire to do, you can apply a little daydreaming and see what happens with a little practice.  Excercise your imagination, then apply your creativity

Happy Reading and a wonderful weekend to you all!

Island of Secrets

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Daydreams, Bestsellers and my take on Reader Reviews


I believe that every novel penned starts out as a daydream.  That mind occupying, body numbing endeavor that we all indulge in from time to time.  My husband often asks me "what are you staring at".  I laugh and tell him nothing, he looks at me strange then I have to try to explain to him that I was miles away in an exotic location possibly hundreds of years ago.  Then I have to telling him "I'm thinking, you know about the book". 

It doesn't matter how many times this happens, it always takes him a few minutes to "get it".  I guess maybe everyone doesn't stare into space on a frequent basis.  Well, that's how I do my best plotting.  It stands to reason that if I can make the "world" go away and concentrate on my made-up one, it's bound to be a productive "daydream".

I don't think writers are the only ones who daydream. It's an effective way for any creative type to get in touch with their imagination and call it into action.  If you haven't daydreamed today I encourage you to set aside a few minutes to let your imagination play.

When I first started writing, penning a bestseller was a pipe dream.  I would daydream about the moment it would happen and how it would change my life, but the reality is different.  It has happened, since the ISLAND OF SECRETS was launched, it has spent the majority of days on one or more top 100 Bestseller lists at Amazon.  This week it made it to #6 on the Gothic and #15 on the Time Travel Lists.  It was an awesome feeling of accomplishment. 

The reality for me though was that each time a reader sends me a letter or leaves a review and tells me the really enjoyed my book or that they loved the characters, it gives me that same sense of accomplishment.  I've learned that the biggest advantage to being on a Bestseller list is that more people can find your book and ultimately might send you along a note.

Reader Reviews...
Not everyone is going to like my book and I know it. I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt when I get a review from someone that didn't like my book.  When I do I just have to remember that I've started reading plenty of books from lots of well known and loved authors, just to eventually put them down.  The reason there are so many different types of books is because there are so many different types of readers. I don't expect every one of them to love my writing style and I try not to take their critical remarks personally.  For every one of them that doesn't like my book I have 4-5 who love it.  I don't want readers who won't enjoy my writing style to read my book. It would be a terrible waste of their time. I'm looking for those readers that are captivated and drawn into my stories, the ones that get caught up and can't put the book down until they reach the end.  Those readers are out there and I'm finding them one by one. 

I encorage readers to go and read the free sample.  I don't know why so many readers refuse to do this. It's my favortie feature on the Kindle.  I get to sample lots of authors then decide whether to spend my money buying their book...

So thank you to all of you who read my book...you continue to make my Daydreams come true!

Happy Reading,

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Amazon Bestseller ISLAND OF SECRETS Just $.99 for a Limited Time



I have a new book coming out soon so ISLAND OF SECRETS has just been reduced to ($0.99) for a limited time to help celebrate the upcoming release of THE COUNTERFEIT.


What if you received a note of warning dated hundreds of years before you were born? What if it was addressed to you?

A Time Travel-

A Love Story filled with Suspense-

A Mystery that will keep you guessing til the end...

On An Island of Secrets
One woman, two men and a love that transcends time get a second chance to prevent history from repeating itself. But will love be enough to win the battle against time and stop the force that's kept them apart for centuries?

Purchase for Kindle    Purchase for Nook

Russ Hart

"What's not to love? Time travel, romance that lives across time? Great book. A story well told with an ingenious plot device."

Laurie Jenkins

The imagery is striking, and the story conceptualization is enticing, carefully crafted, and filled with deceit, jealousy, and an enduring, unconquerable love.
Laurie Jenkins-Coffee Time Romance Reviewer

Penelope Adams- Paranormal Romance Guild

Four Stars-Island of Secrets is a hard book to categorize. Yes - it’s about time travel, yes - it’s a mystery, yes - it’s a romance, but amongst all this there are dark and strange happenings mingled in with breathtakingly beautiful moments. You are pulled into the story, and are able to see and feel all the beauty of the old south in the 1700’s, and then back you come to present.

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It's 5:48 AM and What are YOU Doing...

Call me crazy, but when I woke up a few minutes ago I just HAD to go and check to see if yesterday was some strange alternate reality experiment.  You can imagine my pleasure when I checked my rankings at Amazon again and found these results... Thank you so much to all of you for buying my book.  It doesn't matter how many books I write this one will always be very special to me and I am so pleased that after being on the market since last Novemeber it is gaining momentum. :)

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #1,140 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
This means I am on the first page in two categories at the same time. WOW!

Still Daydreaming...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Daydreaming? Pinch me is this for real?

For the past few hours I've been both working on my new blog AND watching my rankings over at Kindle.  What a way to start off a Blog about Daydreaming!

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #2,773 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store) out of 750,000 books
#23 in Books > Romance > Time Travel
#25 in Books > Romance > Gothic

This is by far the best ranking I've accomplished so far. Yes, I appear on in the top 100 quite regularly but this is outstanding. The closer to 1 you rank the more folks can find your book.  I'm anxious to see how this affects future sales.

Mind you I have got lots of screen shots!!!!  LOL..

Check back tomorrow for more Daydreams ....
Island of Secrets

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