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Daydreaming: June 2012

Saturday, June 30, 2012

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Liane Moonraven's THE RAVENS takes on the issue of Bullying

Note from Tammie:
I was the victim of bullying from the time I was in fourth grade until I graduated.  I shed many tears throughout that period of time, and I have no doubt that my tormentors thought nothing of it. To me that is much of the real pity of the matter, a victim is not only victimized by those who bully but often adopt such a poor self-esteem that without realizing it; they begin to torture themselves also  viewing other's opinion more valuable than their own.

I had the support of my family, and my faith saw me through enabling me to become a stronger person with an eye for those who suffer even now.  There is often no deeper cut than an emotional one because they don't heal like flesh wounds, and they have the power to mold futures. 

Never underestimate the impact of harsh words and intentional cruelty.

I designed Liane MoonRaven's cover for her short story about bullying, but I haven't read it yet. I look forward to it.  The premise is a creative one. I asked her to share a little about her story and herself today on my blog.

Book Synopsis: The Ravens attend Walt Whitman High School in Danville and they don’t like bullies. An eclectic and diverse group of “Goth” teenagers, the Ravens rid their school of bullies discreetly and secretively.

Greg Stringman is the leader of the group and is a vampire. So are Dillon and Angelica; Shaylin is a werewolf and Robert is a psychic medium.

The group blends in as well as they can and have been successful in keeping their talents hidden. But someone is on to them and threatens to expose them. But they don’t know who it is because all they receive are secret notes and texts.

Unlike any other case they’ve had, the Ravens have now become the bullied. How will they find out who threatens their group and more importantly, what will they do once they find out?

I was bullied as a kid. It was horrible and I still remember the feelings of isolation and humiliation I experienced from being tormented by other kids. I believe my self-esteem suffered because of it until my twenties when I was finally able to face scars and bruises I had acquired. I think then I learned how to heal myself but the memories are still painful. I still don't know if I've actually forgiven my tormentors, maybe I haven't come that far yet, even though that was almost a lifetime ago.

Bullying is real and the emotional scars it leaves are real also. The Ravens, of course, don't exist, but if they did, how great would that be?

I hope this very short story brings a smile and a bit of relief to those who are bullied. The story also shows that karma will always strike back at those who bully others.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the story and if you're inclined to leave me a short note or a review, please feel free to do so. ~ Liane Moonraven

Liane Moonraven was inspired by a college creative writing class, authors such as; Edgar Allan Poe, Brahm Stoker and Stephen King,the brilliant director, Alfred Hitchcock,and the great legends of King Arthur.

She loves weaving an historical story mixed with a bit of classic horror and steamy romance.  Liane believes the combination makes for a deliciously different yet memorable tale.

Preferring not to restrict herself to any one particular genre, Liane combines historical romance, erotica, paranormal and horror and you shouldn't be surprised if she combines a bit of each into one story. She has also penned Young Adult fiction which focuses on the subject of bullying and she found comfort writing to a younger audience as well.

Liane Moonraven currently lives in a suburb of Washington, D.C.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Daydreaming about art...

I've been thinking a lot about art lately, and the way authors are often treated differently than artists in other mediums.  If you publish a book that ventures too far from the norm you are often chastised and called a novice. If you create something and call it art, whether with paint or various sculpture mediums, you are considered visionary in most circles.

While I agree that authors should pride themselves in putting as near flawless version of their book out as possible. I also recognize that readers in general read at varying degrees of "grammatical" expertise and that what one person deems unreadable may by another's standards be the greatest story they've ever read.

I believe that while we all have our opinions on the worth of anything that we purchase that we should be careful viewing our opinions as anything more than that.  Recently, I engaged in a discussion with another author on this subject, and she noted that perhaps the fact that books are a part of art that more people engage in buying made a difference.  I think she may be right, but while we all live and breathe the internet and its circle of influence each day, the majority of readers don't.  They read. They enjoy or don't, and that's it. Most don't pay reviews any attention at all.

Just like I don't like certain forms of artistic expression, I don't like certain writer's style. It doesn't mean that they can't write, or that they are any less an author than I am. It just means I don't connect with their writing as I do with others.

When it comes to the written word why do you suppose it's judged in absolutes and not abstracts?
Why do you think that the written word is judged so differently than other visual art forms? 

Examples of Modern Art:

Examples of More Traditional Art:

Authors who write in a less traditional manner are often considered unintelligent or lacking in skill while their counterparts in the visual arts world garner high prices for combining things in unexpected ways.

Most would have you to believe that the written word can only be expressed in perfect English grammar and specific sentence lengths when, in reality, some readers identify with a less formal style similar to everyday speech.  The arguments for and against reminds me of the similar arguments about genre fiction as compared with literary fiction. I have heard it said in the past that it's not a real book unless it's literary.  Perhaps in the future we can open our minds to include more and more of these unique expressions.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Helping Dreams Come True...8 Hours to Jump Start Your Career

It's hard sometimes to meet nice authors and realize how hard it is for them to change gears from writing in their created worrlds to promoting in this one. It's not a natural thing for a creative writer to hawk their wares but it is necessary or how else would you know about their books and find your next favorite author? Over the past couple of years I've met so many authors who have all been struggling. Many understandably are resentful of the time they have to spend each day making sure they have a presence on the internet so potential readers can find their books. With a background in offline and online marketing it has always been difficult for me not to scatter advice anywhere I could. Unfortunately, often times advice given in a vaccum is like buying milk when it's out of the dairy case and on the cereal aisle. Yes, the two go together but the milk is going to be "viewed" as bad even if it was just placed there and is still cold and fresh. After months of struggling to come up with a way I could help those authors I discovered the answer was rather simple I am afterall a writer.

What made me reluctant to move ahead with the project was the sheer number of competing titles out there that I'd be competing with.  Many of the authors are better known and have bigger claims than my book would have.  I should know I've read practically all of them.  I knew what I thought about the offerings but felt I was biased because I've been in marketing so long.  What I discovered when I began to read the reviews was that many of the readers also felt the same way.  These guides are chock-full of ideas, but the presentation lacked the necessary format to encourage action.  I wanted to write something that would offer the author solid advice in the form of actionable tasks that could be completed in a short period of time and would have lasting results. I wanted to give these authors a foundation that could work for them even when they wanted to be doing something else. I'm so glad that I pushed on, bucked conventional wisdom and wrote 8 Hours to Jump Start Your Career: A Step-by-Step Guide for Self-Published Authors anyway. 

In just the few days since its release it's made the bestseller list at Amazon for three categories. Not just made the list but is within striking distance of a number-one  slot! The sheer number of folks devouring the book and taking those 8 Hours is staggering.  The feedback is unbelievable, and I cannot thank those who've purchased and actually begun to use the book for taking the time to report back and share their thoughts. If I have a takeaway, I'd like those of you who aren't authors to get from this post it would be to follow your dream even if you think you're not good enough, or connected enough. Whatever it is that is preventing you from stepping forward and claiming that dream ignore it and move forward.  When it comes down to it, each one of us is different. We can deliver the same information in a different way one that can motivate others. We can do a task different and produce a product unlike that of someone else.  Artist and writers each have a style that is their own.  Their style may not speak to everyone, but it can be music to those whom it's intended for.  Have faith in the abilities God gave you and follow your dreams....Tammie.

Blurb for 
8 Hours to Jump Start Your Career: A Step-by-Step Guide for Self-Published Authors

Forget about spending 8 Hours a day on promoting your book. For less than a value meal you'll learn how to take just 8 hours and invest them into actionable tasks that will pay dividends into the future. Don't you owe it to yourself to reclaim your life?

Authors are sick and tired of spending every minute of the day promoting themselves and their books. It doesn't have to be that way. 8 Hours to Jump Start Your Career: A Step-by-Step Guide for Self-Published Authors shows you how to invest just 8 hours into actionable tasks that will pay dividends into the future freeing you up to do other things. These are not tasks thought up over night, they are the results of over 2 years of research and personal experimentation. I cannot guarantee that it will make you a Bestseller, but many who've followed the tasks outlined in the book can now boast that Bestseller status. Spend it with family, go on vacation, or write your next book it's all up to you. What will you do with all that time you're going to have?